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RESET Ingeniería is integrated by engineers with more than 15 years of experience creating solutions for our customers in different sectors: Automotive, Aerospace, Defense, Universities and R&D Institutes.
  • Engineering Machinery
    • Technical ConsultingTechnical Consulting
    • Machine improvement and transformationMachine improvement and transformation
    • Diseño conceptual y de detalleConceptual and Detailed Design
    • Mechanical resistence, strain and stress analysisMechanical stiffness, strain and stress analysis
    • Systems manufacturing, assembly and testingSystems manufacturing, assembly and testing
    • Technical manuals and documents productionTechnical manuals and documents production
  • Advanced Systems
    • Special machines and prototypesSpecial machines and prototypes
    • Complex hydraulic systemsComplex hydraulic systems
    • Servocontrolled systemsServocontrolled systems
    • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) LaunchersTesting and QC Machines 
  • Project Management
    • Requirement Definition and managementRequirement Definition and Management
    • Preliminary Design for customer quotationsPreliminary Design for customer Proposals
    • Poject costs estimationPoject Costs Budgeting
    • Technical quotation productionTechnical Quotation Production
    • Full Project ManagementFull Project Management
    • Manufacturing and test managementManufacturing and Tests 
    • Supply chain managementSupply Chain Management
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RESET Advanced Systems, SL
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ES28906 Getafe, Madrid
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