Since 1983, Maple Systems has been a quality-driven leader in the industrial controls market. They are specialized in the design, manufacture, and support of Human Machine Interface (HMI) solutions. They offer affordable control solutions for industrial, OEM, automation and municipal applications.

Trust the RESET-MAPLE tandem to provide effective technology solutions for your machinery and IIoT systems.

  • HMI Series

    HMI Series

    From basic functionality to IIoT advanced features, our touchscreen HMIs and Smart HMIs provides every option worth weighing.

  • Smart X Series

    Our Smart X Series enables monitoring & control with a PC, Smartphone or Tablet. Secure connectivity & with IIoT: MQTT, OPC UA, SQL.

  • Industrial PCs

    Industrial PCs

    Our Industrial PCs are customizable and scalable. There are hundreds of combinations available to build your perfect Industrial PC.

  • HMI PLC Series

    HMI PLC Series

    Our HMI PLCs are Class I, Division 2, support high-speed counters and timers, and let you choose either Native Ladder or IEC programming.

Maple Systems