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We offer a wide range of  first level engineering products, all of them ahead of global technological innovation for research and development companies in social, industrial and military fields.
  • Linear Motors & Positioning Systems

    Reset Advanced Systems is official distributor an systems integrator for H2W Technologies on a wide range of linear motors and XY posinioning platforms.

    H2W Technologies is a leading manufacturer of linear motors and positioning systems for precision motion control. As distributor and solutions integrator,  RESET can offer the largest selection of linear motion technology worldwide.

    Linear Motors & Positioning Systems
  • Electro Hydraulic and Electro Mechanic Actuation Systems
    Reset Advanced Systems is official distributor and integrator of these EMA and EHA actuators, manufactured by Kyntronics (USA). These products are highly modular and can be manufactured to suit your needs.
    Electro Hydraulic and Electro Mechanic Actuation Systems
  • Machinery maintenance and assesment

    Reset Engineering has a specialized team capable of designing tools and dedicated to verify the correct functionality of your finished product or to perform specific tasks during manufacture or maintenance machinery. Examples include banks motors, manipulators of heavy loads (lifts, turners, etc.), test of hydraulic components, etc.
    Machinery for maintenance and assesment
  • Hydraulic systems

    Hydraulic systems are present in a variety of machinery. RESET Engineering professionals have extensive experience in the design of hydraulic systems; from simple circuits to complex applications, using components such as:

    Hydraulic power supplies
    Accumulation & service manifolds
    Linear actuators, reagular seals or hydraulic bearings hydrostatic and hydrodynamic
    Proportional valves and servo valves
    Rigid piping and flexible hoses
    Mineral or synthetic fluids.
    Working pressures from 50 to 350 bar.
    Our high experience, guarantees the best solution in hydraulic systems for machinery.
    Hydraulic systems
  • Servocontrol and instrumentation
    The servo control system of any nature (electromechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, etc.) is one of the specialties of our team. PID algorithms from simple to advanced algorithms based control models (Hardware, software, model, human in the loop), which involved mathematical models of system control.

    RESET engineers select optimal HW and SW for your specific application, offering their experience in different programming environments, instrumentation and control.

    Servo control and instrumentation
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